Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fox Hollow

Fox Hollow Aiken SC 
A Premier Residential Equestrian Community

Fox Hollow is located in Aiken SC off of Boyd Pond Road, between Silver Bluff Road and Storm Branch Road. Fox Hollow has over 60 lots with more than 28 homes already built or under construction. Several of those houses are on double lots! The majority of the properties are part of the gated Community.
Folks live in Fox Hollow year round or enjoy the Winter Season in Aiken. Miles of trails including a trail that takes you over beautiful Lake Johnson are part of the amenities. 
 A fenced-in, irrigated Equitation Ring, a completely renovated irrigated Dressage Ring with mirrors and a Hunter Jumper Ring are well maintained for our residents. The Cross Country Course has been significantly improved over the past few years with all new jumps replacing the original jumps. Improvements are made annually as needed, all within a well managed budget!

All property Owners abide by our Covenants and ByLaws allowing for setbacks of all fencing from property lines. This allows for 20 ft wide trails along the perimeter and between all properties. We also have some common trial and amenity property, owned by the Fox Hollow Property Owner's Association, with access to a permanent trial easement over over beautiful Lake Johnston.  

Fox Hollow covers approximately 800 acres. Wildlife abounds with bluebirds, goldfinches, butterfly, foxes, deer, ducks and great blue herons as an integral part of our tranquil setting. Of course beautiful horses of all kinds, donkey, several mini-donkeys, a few goats  and even a riding draft mule are permanent residents of Fox Hollow!
It is a serene, scenic and peaceful place. Don't forget to wave to your neighbor passing by on their morning trail ride!
Homeowner's are allowed to build their own barns, pools, rings, etc, should they desire and have the space to do so, within the allowed boundaries of their own properties.
Due to geography and development timing, we refer to the North side of Boyd Pond Road as Fox Hollow I and the South side of Boyd Pond Road as Fox Hollow On The Lake.
A dedicated group of Volunteer Officers oversee our Property Owner's Association (POA) activities, budget, prioritized projects and spending, with input from all community members. An Annual meeting, a private POA BLOG and an email network keep everyone involved and informed of all Fox Hollow related projects and activities.

We several "work crews" a year with all interested neighbors pitching in to help maintain the common areas like painting fences, Trail Clearing/Pruning,  and everyone's favorite - Weed Wacking... Of course it ends with a party! It says something about a community of neighbors that enjoy each others company.
Neighbors looking after neighbors is a rule of thumb at Fox Hollow. 

It is a delight to live here!

Please note that Fox Hollow lots or homes on the North side of Boyd Pond Road, or as we fondly call it Fox Hollow I, have a Beech Island SC mailing address, or appear on the map as Beech Island. The houses on the South side of Boyd Pond Road, or Fox Hollow On The Lake, have an Aiken SC mailing address. This is due to the quirks of the US Post Office Delivery System.

However, we do all proudly live in Aiken SC!

The information on this site is provided by a Fox Hollow Resident and in no way assumes to reflect the opinions of the owners or the Property Owners Association of Fox Hollow.