Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fox Hollow

This site will give you a window into life at Fox Hollow, a Premier Residential Equestrian Community located off of Boyd Pond Rd in Aiken, SC

Please note that Fox Hollow lots or homes on the North side of Boyd Pond Road, or as we fondly call it Fox Hollow I, have a Beech Island SC mailing address, or appear on the map as Beech Island. The houses on the South side of Boyd Pond Road, or Fox Hollow On The Lake, have an Aiken SC mailing address. This is due to the quirks of the US Post Office Delivery System.

However, we do all proudly live in Aiken SC! 

The information on this site is provided by a Fox Hollow Resident and in no way assumes to reflect the opinions of the owners, Developer or the Property Owners Association of Fox Hollow